Artist Statement

“I am a potter. Clay is my life”

beumee-artist-statementMy approach to pottery has always involved clean lines and a sense of volume, one of the primary reasons why I’ve been interested in porcelain. The smoothness and lack of texture of the clay invites refinement of form, and the white background provided by porcelain is what is needed to achieve the clarity of glaze color that I desire. Such an approach is only a reflection of who I am as a person. For larger decorative pieces, I’ve always tried to push the limits of scale imposed by the use of wheel thrown porcelain. Recently I’ve rediscovered my stoneware roots, and larger scale pieces that reflect my actual vision have come within sight as a reachable goal.

My aesthetic ideas will always revolve around what I perceive to be beautiful, which has up to now been simple, clearly defined forms and clarity and brightness of glaze color. I have loved porcelain pottery making because the art form has allowed me the chance to make what is both useful in a utilitarian sense, and I hope, beautiful. Richness of expression has been and always will be the goal. As to historical reference in the pots that I make, customers have always commented on Asian influence in my work, and to that I say, no higher compliment could be given or received. The forms that I make on the wheel are entirely my own.